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The air is getting worse and worse, every breath inhalation, mixed with many harmful substances, and accumulated in the lungs, HYPASS combine type of material advantages, can provide the air filter material, supply masks, air filters and other processing plants.


A. HEPA efficient filter: 0.3 UM 99.97% efficient non-woven filter, low pressure

B. High CADR filter: low resistance, high filter efficiency non-woven filter

C. Anti-bacterial non-woven filter: Switzerland Sanitized silver antibacterial, mold can be used in the mask, air filter

D. Activated carbon non-woven: 3MM thickness, immersion activated carbon, it's can be used in the initial filter, deodorant

E. Activated carbon antimicrobial filter: 3MM thickness, combined with activated carbon and Sanitized silver antibacterial, it's can be used in the initial filter, deodorant, antibacterial, mildew

F. The mask with activated carbon non-woven: it's can be used in the plane masks or cup masks