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The Air Bottle  comes with a magnetic detachable base that fits perfectly in your vehicle’s cup holder.



We are a professional filter and air purifier manufacturer based in Taiwan, the branding Taiwan of In-car Air Purifier, we protect the human breathe healthy, also reduce wasteful expenditures, using excellent air filtration effects and having a fantastic price.









Are you and your loved ones breathing the purest air possible?
Now you can, and it only takes 10 minutes! With the HYPASS Air Bottle, you can cleanse the air for a healthier car or small space environment. 


High-Efficiency Non-Woven Air Filter.

High-Efficiency active carbon can deodorization.

Detection of textile research institute in Taiwan.

Air Filter can last up to 800hr and filter is the lowest price.







It is our inspiration that you can easily hang the air bottle in the car everywhere.